The story of a woman (and a couple of men)

Talaïa (meaning ‘watchtower’ in Catalan), is above all, the meeting of people passionate about wine, and the Roussillon region. Lucie Zanella, Fabrice and Alexandre Rieu. Their love for the region, their energy, their exacting standards and their know-how have given birth birth to fresh, mineral and elegant wines. Without any doubt, it is in this family of wines, where the new ambassadors of the qualitative renaissance of the Roussillon wine region will be found.

After having been the marketing and purchasing director for the 'Club Francais de Vin' (an affiliate of Advini) for several years, Lucie followed her husband to Perpignan and fell very much in love with the region Slowly but surely, the idea of buying a domain became obvious. Fabrice and Alexandre Rieu, both native to the region and 'true' Catalans, are wine brokers and deeply involved in the life of the region. They know the area like the back of thier hand, and subsequently where the best 'future' wine-growing areas are.

Lucie Zanella, Fabrice and Alexandre Rieu.